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Clothes For The Baby Christening

( Originally Published 1924 )

The baby's christening robe is often one that was worn by its father or mother or by one of the grandparents. The dress is more elaborate than the clothes the baby is accustomed to wear. The ideal dress is one of soft fabric, such as mull or handkerchief linen, trimmed with real Valenciennes lace and the daintiest of hand embroidery. If the baby is very tiny, he is usually laid on a pillow whose cover is trimmed with Valenciennes lace.

At a House Christening

The godmothers wear clothes such as they would wear at a formal afternoon reception, and the god-fathers wear formal afternoon clothes. Afternoon clothes are worn by the guests. The mother wears a light-colored afternoon dress.

At a church christening, clothes such as would ordinarily be worn to church are suitable.

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