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Clothes For The Wedding

( Originally Published 1924 )

The wedding dress is described under Trousseau in Chapter II.

The bridesmaids' costumes are selected by the bride to harmonize with the color plan of the wed-ding; the number of bridesmaids is determined by the bride, but it is not necessary to have any.

The Maid or Matron of Honor—This "lady in waiting" is indispensable. Her costume should be of a color to "set off" the bridal white.

To correspond with the bride's maid of honor or matron of honor, the groom always has a best man who is generally his brother or his best friend.

For the noon or afternoon ceremony, the groom wears a black cutaway coat and dark striped gray trousers. For a very smart wedding, especially in the spring, he wears a white, piqué, double-breasted waistcoat (tho ordinarily he wears a black one to match his coat) and a suitable cravat. All the ushers should be dressed alike. The groom, best man, and ushers wear high silk hats, and the groom carries a cane. All wear boutonnières, those of the groom and his best man being more elaborate than those of the ushers.

The soles of the groom's shoes should be black, so that they are not noticeable when he kneels during the wedding ceremony.

There is a dignity in uniformity at a ceremonial, so bridesmaids' costumes always are counterparts in design, if not in color, and ushers are always clothed exactly alike.

For a morning wedding, when the bride wears a traveling costume such as she would wear at any time, the groom also wears traveling clothes. At this wedding, the bride has no attendants except a matron of honor who wears a morning costume.

To a church wedding, one wears a formal dress and a rather elaborate hat.

At a home wedding, the mother of the bride wears an afternoon costume, quiet but elegant. All others dress as they would for a church ceremony.

The father of the bride wears a frock coat, gray tie, and other formal afternoon apparel.

For Her Second Marriage

The widow does not wear white, orange blossoms, nor have bridesmaids.

The gown for a church ceremony should be more formal than one for a home wedding. It could be either a traveling dress or a light afternoon frock. Of course a hat is worn.

For a home wedding, the dress may be as simple or elaborate as she pleases, and she may use her own preference as to whether she wears a hat.

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