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Clothes For Mourning

( Originally Published 1924 )

The deepest mourning of widows should last for at least a year, and another year in gradations of lighter or half-mourning should follow. An older woman usually does not go back to colors. Mourning should never have the appearance of being extremely modish. Dignity should ever be present.

Altho at funerals, long chiffon veils are worn to cover the faces and figures of the women closely related to the deceased, they are not obligatory after the ceremonial.

For a parent, a sister, or a brother, or for a son or a daughter, some people prefer not to wear mourning at all. If it is to be worn, however, a year is the conventional period.

Mourning fabrics suitable for day wear are any lusterless black, in silk, crêpe, serge, or cloth. Dull silk and heavy crêpe Georgette are suitable for evening wear. There are soft black lawns that are comfortable for summer. All white is mourning too, and is especially suited for summer wear. Black with white is half-mourning.

Jewelry, except the necessary accessories in dull black, is never worn during the mourning period. A short string of pearls might be worn with half-mourning when plain white organdie collars and cuffs are also permissible.

Sport clothes, if one continues in mourning for some time, may be worn in gray as well as black. A band of black is usually sewed on the sleeve of one's riding habit or similar garments.

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