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Clothes For The Garden Party

( Originally Published 1924 )

Since sports clothes are so popular at the beach, and bathing-suits may be worn for morning and luncheon and afternoon until tea time, occasions must be maneuvered for the dainty frilly-costume women. Every woman ought at some time to have a chance to display her charms under a drooping, beflowered hat.

The garden party dress should be chosen from the daintiest and softest of fabrics, with accessories of hand-woven lace, embroideries, knots of ribbon, white kid slippers with matching hose, or slippers and hose that repeat some color note of the costume, a bewitching large hat, a lace or embroidered bag, a parasol, or sunshade with a long shepherdess crook, gloves of the loveliest silk, or, if she is so fortunate, a pair of silk mits.

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