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Ways Of Using Lace

( Originally Published 1924 )

Lace lends itself to many delightful possibilities as a base material for creating costumes, or as the decoration or trimming of frocks. It is suitable in some form for every age from the christening robe to the winding sheet. It is exquisitely suited to babyhood, and has a charming compatibility for age. If, as we have said in the earlier part of the book, certain textiles have qualifying or personal characteristics, lace is the fabric of romance, and the wearer consciously or unconsciously must respond.

"Lavender and old lace !" the very words carry a breath of sentiment. One who wears lace should have a bit of lavender as well.

But there are many other lace harmonies aside from this. Some of these are: black lace over black satin, black lace combined with black mousseline, écru lace combined sometimes with 'écru mousseline or thin crêpe, écru lace touched with gold embroidery over black satin, heavy écru lace combined with finest linen over black satin, a shimmering web of white'-and-silver lace banded with narrow silver galon, thinnest black lace combined with plaited black mousseline with a transparent cape fashioned in the same manner, or light beige lace trimmed with gold galon, white blonde lace.

It is possible to dye lace in. any shade, so that desired color combinations can be easily obtained.

If one is fortunate enough to have inherited a lace shawl, one has the base for a very lovely evening wrap. The shawl is often used as the decorative part of a gown. At once Carmen obtrudes herself upon our fancy. In keeping with Carmen's picturesqueness, is the hat of lace with its filmy spray, breeze-tossed, so flattering that the one who wears it must inevitably be beautiful.

So you see that no matter how fashions may come or how they go, that which makes us beautiful is bound to remain forever. And of nothing else is it quite so true as of lace.

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