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Accessories Of Dress - Artificial Flowers

( Originally Published 1924 )

A gardenia in the buttonhole of a dark tailored suit, a pink rose with closely tucked green leaves in the somber seal collar of a sealskin cape, an or-chid set in silver at the waist of a French-blue evening dress, all these lovely harmonies will certainly bring joy to the wearer. Especially pleasing will be these blossoms if they speak the language of the wearer. One who is very youthful or who has a fragile manner may wear boutonnières of forget-me-nots and sweetheart roses. Violets are universally becoming. The blonde, the gray-haired, the dark, and the pale wear them equally well, and even the very conventional person finds them harmonious. Orchids seem to have an even greater loveliness when worn by the willowy woman.

Yellow chrysanthemums are characteristic of one whose features are regular, her hair close and of burnished blackness.

The over-plump woman must avoid showy flowers. She may wear a sprig of flowers on her fur neck-piece but never a corsage.

The auburn or bright red-haired girl will find that few artificial flowers are becoming to her, but mignonette or imaginary blossoms in black, green, or brown may be chosen safely.

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