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Accessories Of Dress - Perfumes

( Originally Published 1924 )

Perfume may add a touch of fragrance to a body which is sweet and clean and healthy, but it should never be used for the purpose of concealing another odor. It will defeat sooner or later the wearer's intent.

As one becomes accustomed to a certain scent she may use more and more of it until she becomes an abomination. The best way is to use an atomizer. Restrain yourself to a little less than you feel is desirable. One should avoid cheap perfume as she would an alkaline soap. A small bottle of rare and delicate essence is more to be desired than a quart of extract that is obvious and common. Per-fume should not be poured on the clothing, but a drop behind the ear, on the lip, or on the forehead will create an elusive fragrance.

The dainty woman often uses sachets which she places among her clothes or on padded clothes hangers. A tiny sachet may be tucked in the lining of a hat or in the front of a dress.

For the evening, delicate perfume is very lovely, but a woman should never go to business reeking with any odor. Toilette water to be used on the hands after washing is not offensive and does not detract form the aura of efficient femininity.

Eau de Cologne is refreshing in the sick room, and so are delicate lavender, Florida water, and orange water.

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