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Accessories Of Dress - Fans

( Originally Published 1924 )

The fad of carrying fans has put into women's hands an alluring weapon. Grace of wrist and of movement has a new opportunity of displaying its charm. Then, too, the fan may add a really beautiful note of color to the costume, and by carrying out, in a subtly delicate way, the thought behind its creation, may exert a curious fascination upon the beholder. The fan may be a transparent bit of tulle, sea-green perhaps, embroidered in spray-like crystal, or of white chiffon with ivory and black tassels to match in material and coloring the gown with which it is worn, or it may be of a different fabric which blends simply in spirit. Fans may be very large for the statuesque woman or amusingly small for the tiny lady who uses quaintness as her keynote and is herself so like the tiny figures we see in the Watteau scenes on certain fans. A note of brilliancy radiates from a square fan of gold tissue stretched over slender sticks. Across the tissue is spread a rampant chanticleer. The cock is a great splash of color, gold spangles with markings of jewels in red, green, and blue. Such a note of splendor is in keeping with a gown of Oriental trend. A fan that hints of Pierrot is of black gauze, with sparkling spangles arranged in squares. What a perfect foil for Pierrette's flirtatious eyes! How Marie Antoinette would have loved little jeweled fans and how reminiscent of her piquancy they seem ! A certain naively coquettish fan has sandal-wood sticks; it is covered with palest blue chiffon with insertions of delicate net, and has a sprinkling of spangles.

Green uncurled ostrich bordering white lace with hand-painted sticks; black lace embroidered in rose and gold with vermilion sticks, these are two some-what unusual fans. Coq feather fans, long and gracefully curving or lyre-shaped give distinction to the wearer of velvets. Delicate fronds of white Paradise form the fan that accompanies a black and silver velvet gown with which is worn a head-dress of Paradise. A willowy fan for the languorous lady is of shaded rose; it is very long and has knotted ostrich feathers on three long amber sticks. For the more dignified, there is a fan of one straight ostrich plume bound on leaf-shaped edges; one side is green, the other red.

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