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Accessories Of Dress - Umbrellas And Parasols

( Originally Published 1924 )

In selecting an umbrella for service, which is of course the first intent of this accessory, one should give first thought to the wearing quality of the covering. Usually a mixture of silk and linen gives a longer and stronger proof of the umbrella's ability to shed water. It is well to select an umbrella which can be hung from the wrist by a strap, cord, or ring, and be sufficiently clear of the pavement.

Sunshades or parasols form colorful backgrounds for the head and shoulders or add a bright note to the lower part of the figure. As a really charming accessory to one's street apparel, they have received consideration.

If it is color reflection one desires in choosing her parasol, the law of simultaneous contrast should be kept in mind.

Some sunshades are short and clubby and gay in design; some are flat and ribbed like a Japanese parasol; some are white, painted with a huge brilliant flamingo or with a small flock of wild geese with their irridescent plumage. One of these latter sunshades would be very pleasing with a snowy crÍpe frock. One parasol is like an old-fashioned nose-gay, painted from the point to the lace-edged border. Sometimes hats and parasols match.

A lace or net lining softens the reflection of the top color as the light passes through the parasol and falls on the face. With a lingerie dress one carries a frilly parasol made of rows of Valenciennes lace.

A parasol of red Georgette, covered with rows of black faille ribbon, gave a Spanish touch to a costume.

The effectiveness of black and white is well carried out in sunshades ; some are white covered with floral or conventional patterns in black. Some are made of black chiffon over black; some are white covered with black Chantilly lace.

The handle, of course, should be a part of the parasol's beauty; it may be of tortoise-shell, carved ebony, ivory, jade, amber, or highly polished wood.

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