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Accessories Of Dress - Neckwear

( Originally Published 1924 )

Few women are not flattered by the soft reflected light of cream-colored collars. They give a youthful quality that is quite magical. Sometimes the "high light" of a costume is the collar. The line of the collar and the fabric may change, not only the shape and expression of the face, but the appearance of the whole figure. It is well to consider, first, the shape and depth of the neck-line of the frock with which the neckwear is to be worn. The collar should follow that line, and by its touch of crisp fresh color, give a clever new look to the gown.

A certain frock has a bateau neck-line with a chemisette of piqué; the collar is fitted to the dress, then shirred at the base of the neck into a little rolled collar. Two buttons finish the front. If the sleeves are bell-shaped, the same idea may be mimicked in the cuffs.

A dress which opens down the front may have a buttoned waistcoat and a pointed turnover collar of starched white linen. Deep buttoned cuffs complete the starchy spic-and-span-ness.

A bateau neck may be finished with a flat linen band an inch wide to which is attached, so that it falls over the dark dress, a finely plaited ruffle two inches in width. The narrow plain band crosses in front in a precise manner and borrows a few inches of plaited ruffle for the finish of the ends. The cuffs match, and are worn over the sleeves, which fit closely at the hand.

The neck of a somewhat worn frock may be cut in a deep oval shape and filled in with a vest of linen with a turn-over collar which is held up by a black satin stock and tailored bow. Turn-over linen and cravatted cuffs finish the sleeves. A long shawl collar may be outlined with a bias band of linen or other light-colored material.

Lace collars are a good finish for soft silk dresses, and organdie sets, plain or embroidered in tiny colored flowers, give a bright note to taffeta. Heavy Irish, Venice, or Carrickmacross lace, which express serviceability, can be used with wool frocks when more delicate laces would seem out of place.

These are a few suggestions showing what can be done with neckwear. Any one who has imagination and deft fingers can accomplish wonders.

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