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Accessories Of Dress - Kerchiefs

( Originally Published 1924 )

Dandies, in "the olden, golden glories of the days gone by," carried enormous lace-bordered handkerchiefs hanging carelessly from their pockets. History repeats itself in custom, if not in characterization; so women may follow one of the fads of an-other period.

Gingham bordered linen, brilliant foulard, and pongee handkerchiefs seem to "belong" with the suit, shoes, hat, and gloves of a business and morning outfit. They are very good, too, with sport clothes.

Once in a while we see a little lady with "a saucy twinkle in her eye" from whose tailored suit pocket peeps a dainty little lacy handkerchief. It is irresistible, because we know that she "knows better."

For afternoon, one's kerchief is more delicate. It is usually of white or of colored chiffon. A narrow hem is desirable, and one which has a hand-rolled hem is even better.

For the evening, it is lovely to possess a delicate, cobwebby affair, quite as piquant as those of grand-mother's day, but with a very modern and exotic scent.

The handbag may give a piquant touch to one's costume, or it may be as "sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal." With a suit or a wool dress, the leather handbag, fitted with convenient toilet requirements, will sound just the right note. The handbag may be chosen to harmonize with the costume in color, or it may be of the color of the hat, shoes, and gloves, and so produce a logical harmony. Or it may complement the trimmings of the dress and emphasize a slight contrast with the general tone of the costume. A black-and-white costume may be enlivened by a bright red leather purse.

With the afternoon gown, the handbag beaded, knitted, or of ruffled silk, gives an air of quiet elegance.

The design as well as the materials of the hand-bag should be carefully considered. Tho a rectangular or large circular bag would give a Falstaffian aspect, the long narrow purse might produce a line which would give balance to the composition. The silver or gold mesh bag is satisfactory and economical because of its adaptability to different costumes. Even the vanity case has been made so al-luring that it is impossible to frown at the insouciant user.

Needle-point embroidery has been revived, and the bags fashioned of it give the same air of quiet elegance to sober costume that a bit of old tapestry gives to a somber room. Tapestry, too, may be called into service, and a most durable and interesting bag added to a tailored outfit.

Flat envelop purses in different sizes are made of rich brocades, brilliant silks or of soft shiny pin-leather in gay or quiet colors. These are as flat as a wafer and have no handles. They add much to the good appearance of an afternoon costume.

Linen embroidered in brilliant colors makes very good looking bags which are especially suited to summer sports clothes. They may be of various shapes and sizes.

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