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Accessories Of Dress - Gloves

( Originally Published 1924 )

For morning wear with one's suit or utility dresses, gauntlet gloves of heavy kid, dogskin, or heavy fabrics are suitable. The ones with insets of contrasting color do not express the perfect taste that is desired, unless one is a girl of the Golden West where such gloves might be in harmony with her native habitat. In the warm months of summer, chamoisette or silk may be substituted. Washable gloves are a boon to the business woman, for with two or three pairs on hand she can always be immaculate.

For afternoon, glacÚ gloves, long and wrinkly, to match the costume; or gray with a blue costume, biscuit with brown, or white with black may be substituted for matching shades.

For evening wear, long white kid gloves are worn, but at certain informal dinner dances it is correct to be gloveless.

Gloves must be in harmony with the costume, in texture as well as color. An incongruity between gloves and costume may ruin an otherwise perfect ensemble.

It is true that shoes, gloves, and hat may match to form an interesting contrast to the dress or to balance by contrast, yet they must not violate the rule of unity in costume. Naturally a soft felt hat, sport Oxfords, and dogskin gloves would look askance at a beaded Georgette dress!

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