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Design And The Concrete Applications Of Line

( Originally Published 1924 )

The Silhouette

The silhouette is the main essential. It is responsible for first impressions. If one can attain an attractive outline, the design can easily be filled in. The shapeliness and articulation of bone is natural beauty and fortunate is she who has it. Covering of the framework may discover good points and conceal bad ones.

In considering the silhouette, let us look first at the square. Clothes which give to the figure the square outline broaden and flatten.

The round silhouette, is adapted to the very thin, short, or tall person. (Diagram X.)

The rectangle, the oblong, straight, narrow silhouette expresses dignity, stateliness. While the costume on these lines is slenderizing and is suitable to the stout woman of well-balanced proportions, it tends by its severity to push personality into the background.

The oval silhouette is for the person blessed with symmetry of form, not large bust and small hips, nor large hips and small bust, and not too plump. This outline is very womanly and attractive because of its appearance of femininity. It is not the silhouette chosen for street or business gowns, no matter how becoming it may be. (Diagram XI.)

The triangle, the Spanish silhouette, is good for the woman with small flat bust and, possibly large hips; never for the figure with large bust.

The inverted triangle is suited to the woman with large bust and small hips.

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