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Dimming The Shine Of Fabrics

( Originally Published 1924 )

Serge, tricotine, and other twisted-thread fabrics become shiny from the friction of wearing. A garment may not be worn out, but because of its shine will be discarded. In the manufacturing of woolen materials there is a process called napping or gigging, which raises the fibers to the nap desired. The teazel, which is a weed about the shape of a pine cone, is used in this process. No mechanical contrivance has ever been invented to equal the teazel for the purpose of napping, because it has the desired effect without injuring the fabric. Teazels grow in many parts of the country and can be employed in the home process of removing shine. If the teazel can not be procured, sandpaper can be used with good effect. Materials which are pressed until they are completely dry will be more apt to show the shine than those which are left slightly damp.

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