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Clothing On The College Girl's Budget

( Originally Published 1924 )

In the preceding chapters on dress, we have seen what good taste in dress will do in creating a favor-able first impression, and, that being accomplished, all the world seems inclined to help those that thus have tried to help themselves.

Every college student should know the approximate amount spent for her clothes. When the amount to be spent is decided upon, she should consider the occasions for which her clothes are to be needed. She should go over her wardrobe carefully to decide what can be used, and then buy intelligently, considering color, line, texture, background, and the accessories. Then the ensemble will present no inequality in detail. A suit should never make so great a hole in one's allowance that hat, gloves, and shoes are overlooked

A certain girl with a limited amount to spend for clothes was not wise enough to plan definitely be-fore entering the shops. A cloth of gold turban was her first choice. She was emotional, and when she saw an adorable crÍpe de Chine teddy, she bought it. Some bench-made shoes of the latest cut were irresistible, and then her money ran out ! But what had she to show for it? An evening hat, a combination, and a pair of smart shoes !

In preparing the apportionment of the college girl's clothing budget, as for every budget, the first question should be, "For what occasions do I need clothes?" If the amount to be spent is limited, "What garments can fill the need for more than one occasion?" A few good clothes, properly chosen, give far more satisfaction than a greater number of cheap ones which arouse in the mind of the possessor a consciousness of somehow falling short of the mark, a consciousness aggravated by others' consciousness of it, too.

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