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A Potpourri Of Beauty Helps

( Originally Published 1924 )

A Bleach for the Skin

A bleach for the skin may be necessary to counteract sunburn, tan, or chapped skin which follows a drive in the wind. With a small bottle of peroxid, mix an equal amount of glycerin and a few drops of benzoin. Before using, shake the bottle well. This may be used freely on face, neck, arms, and hands.

To Banish Cold Sores

Squeeze a little reliable tooth paste on it, or moist-en salt and place on it. Aconite will dry up a cold sore.

Superfluous Hair

A depilatory—of which there are many—will re-move the hair from the arms and under them. Some skins which are too tender to endure the burning will find that the burning will be modified by the use of a little mentholatum before the application of the depilatory.

Heavy eyebrows which grow between the eyes or unsightly hair on the upper lip may be removed by the use of a solution of half a teaspoon of chlorid of lime to a cup of water. This should be applied with the very greatest caution with a piece of cot-ton so that the solution does not get into the eyes. If the skin seems red, apply cold-cream, and it will soon be smooth and white and entirely free from unsightly hair.

Face Cream

A delightful cream for the skin may be made from one-half ounce each of white wax and spermaceti and three ounces of oil of almonds. Subject the mixture to a gentle heat and gradually add two ounces of orange-flower water. Whip well or stir briskly until the whole forms a white cream.

Preparing for Evening Clothes

Arms and shoulders and neck may require bleaching for the wearing of a formal gown. Add one cupful of freshly grated horseradish to one quart of buttermilk; let the mixture stand for twenty-four hours, and strain it. After bathing with it, let it remain on over night. In the morning wash it off with tepid water. Repeat as often as desired

To Preserve the Contour of the Face

The contour of the face plays a decided note in good looks. The child's teeth and habits of breathing and his posture when asleep should be care-fully watched, for they have a great influence on the form and expression of cheeks and mouth. "Pacifiers" and thumb-sucking? Never ! Never !

Facial exercises can be taken which will aid in keeping the shape of the face in trim. Puffing the cheeks out often with air will keep them round. Whistling is a good exercise. Repeating "meow," like a cat, will exercise the muscles and prevent sagging. The vowels, preceded by "b," aspirated forcefully, with care as to mouth molds, will help the mouth expression. Trilling will keep the lips facile and round.

A firm contour can be kept by the use of ice, especially if the ice is dipped into a saucer of water containing a few drops of benzoin.

Mud-Packs or Masks

Once a week use a mud-pack or mask of clay-it assists the body in eliminating impurities. The mud dissolves the impediments which obstruct the pores, thus enabling the skin more naturally to throw off impurities. Then, too, stimulating the circulation of the blood tends to tighten the flabby muscles. Mud-packs stimulate lazy tissues. They also bleach the skin. The mild acid which they contain is effective for freckles and sunburn.

Fullers' earth, mixed to a paste with wich-hazel and a few drops of benzoin, will make an effective mud-pack.

The white of an egg, which is not classed as a mask but as a wrinkle-remover, smoothed on with a light outward and upward movement will give to the skin in five minutes a tight-as-a-drum feeling which will feel like the Iron Mask. It tightens muscles and tissues and smoothes the skin. When it has done its good work—in about twenty minutes —wash it off with warm water, dry the skin, then pat in a little cold-cream and remove it with care. Then powder, and you are as fresh as a "spring zephyr."

Cosmetics from the Cupboard

Washing soda—For bath-salts and tired, perspiring feet.

Ammonia and peroxid—For bleaching skin; and for weakening the growth of superfluous hair.

Oatmeal—A tiny bag in the bath softens the water.

Corn-meal—For cleansing and softening hands and elbows.

Olive-oil—For promoting the growth of the hair; a body-rub for fattening and smoothing the skin; for making the finger-nails and cuticle less brittle.

Cucumbers—Run them through a meat-chopper, but do not peel; drain them through cheese-cloth, add a few drops of carbolic acid, and use for bleaching.

Sweet cream—Apply with cotton, let it dry. In the morning wash off the remainder.

Strawberry juices are good as a mild bleach for muddy skins.

Bananas and lemon-juice, if bound on the hands will whiten them.

Honey—Pat on the skin to soften it.

Salt—Rub in the scalp for dandruff. A solution of salt will sweeten the breath. Cleanse the teeth fortnightly with it. This is a time-tested Scotch remedy for soft gums as well.

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