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Beauty - Feet

( Originally Published 1924 )

It may be that just a few foot notes or carried-out suggestions may change the whole trend of your life. Homes have been wrecked, careers turned into failures, loves lost, all because of difficulty in "footing one's bill." Distressing feet lead to pain; pain causes bad temper, and crankiness can blight a life.

If women paid as much attention to the care of their feet as to the dressing of them, wrinkle eradicators would have diminishing popularity. Feet should have as much care as the hands.

In the days when Sappho sang and wore sandals without hose, pedicures were as popular as manicures of to-day. So much a matter of course was this care that guests were often refreshed by a half-hour's treatment by the pedicure as we to-day show our hospitality in offering tea and toasted muffins. Foot troubles were alien then. How few women of today could declare freedom from corns, cal-louses, strained muscles, ingrowing nails, and falling arches ! Because of foot troubles, taxi-men thrive and women are deprived of the stimulation of walking.

Feet should be bathed and powdered at least once a day. Salt or soda may be put in the foot-bath which should be followed by a generous use of some good powder. Twice a week, one should indulge in a foot-bath which has in it a weak solution of washing-soda. The feet should be rubbed with wich-hazel on retiring. Glycerin will rest and soothe if used in a foot treatment. It is especially desirable before starting on a hike or before dancing.

Shoes Not "fo' de Feet"

A chiropodist once said that nearly every woman of the last generation had deformed feet, such as flat feet, bent toes, and bunions. You know that the reason, of course, lies in wrong shoes. Shoes of a generation ago, or even a few years ago, were wrongly constructed. They were built with heels too high, toes too narrow, and with too many curves. They squeezed the delicate muscles of the toes until the toes were useless. They held the foot so rigid that the arch fell, bringing years of pain and suffering. The modern girl wears high heels and pointed toes only for formal occasions. At other times she wears a broad, sensible shoe, with a round toe and a low heel. And the result is that she is able to walk in a normal manner. Girls are no longer squeezing their feet to make men think that they are small. The modern girl's foot is a good size and well-shaped. She can walk, run, jump, and dance without pain. Her foot, uncovered, is an object of beauty rather than what a chiropodist would call "actually deformed."

If the shoe fits, put it on, otherwise your enjoy-ment of the shoe will be a negative quality. A shop where there is a specialist in fitting should be patronized. If the shop has one of the new X-ray machines which correctly display the outline of the foot and any abnormality which it possesses, by all means use it. No woman of to-day worries about whether her foot measures one or six, for what she primarily wants is comfort. The only way to be fitted properly is to depend on accurate measurements and comfort. The X-ray machine shows exactly how the bones of the foot lie in the shoe.

The length of the shoe should allow the foot to lie naturally without cramping the toes. The great joint should come where the sole shape has the most pronounced curve. The bend of the foot at the toes must come at the bend of the shoe. This is the most essential point in the fitting of shoes. The seam of the shoe should never come over the great toe joint.

The toe of the shoe must be wide enough to allow the toes of the foot to spread when walking.

The ball of the foot must have freedom to bend easily when walking.

The arch of the foot must be fitted snugly by the shank of the shoe at the instep.

The heel must be fitted snugly, so that it will not be rubbed by a slipping shoe.

Be sure that the hosiery corresponds to the "toesiery." By that I mean that the stockings should always be sufficiently long, yet not so long that the toes are irritated by folds of the stockings.

Feet must not be the most abused part of the body. They are the real foundation for the whole anatomy. If the shoes are too tight, they will re-strict circulation, and paint the nose as evidence.

Watching your feet is as important as watching your step, and eternal vigilance will fortify against the sick feet which make sick people. Foremost foot specialists, like dentists, advise semi-annual examinations in order to detect and obviate abnormalities.

A severe backache may be caused by foot trouble. Sore feet hasten the advent of old age.

Diseased feet cause premature grayness.

There is no doubt but that corns may be the cause for wrinkles.

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