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Beauty - Ankles

( Originally Published 1924 )

It is said that ill-proportioned ankles and limbs at once denote that the person is lazy and indifferent to standards of beauty. Every woman knows that one of the greatest assets to her beauty is well molded calves and slender ankles. But every woman is not so endowed by nature, nor is she educated to the manner of acquiring that desired symmetry.

Find out first how much must be subtracted or added in order to attain the desired standard of measurement. The girth of the calf divided by one and seventy-three hundredths should equal the girth of your ankle. Then proportions according to one's height must also be considered.

Do not do as Cinderella's sisters did in order to wear the miniature glass slipper if you find that reducing is necessary—but exercise ! For you know that if you want a possession deeply enough to work for it, you will get it. Follow some of the exercises which produce a graceful gait in walking, such as walking with toes and heels on a line, or walking on the balls of the feet by leaning slightly forward. Then sit on the edge of a chair and try to touch with the toes some point just out of reach. Extend legs, relax toes, and rotate the feet about the ankle joint. Lie on the back, extend the leg vertically upward, and repeat the ankle rotation movement. With the legs still extended, place the feet together and turn the heels outward, keeping the big toes in contact. Stand erect with the feet four inches apart and parallel, with the hands placed on the hips concentrate your thought on balance. When at ease, raise the heels, and when well on the toes, turn the heels sharply outward, then back to heels on ground and feet four inches apart and parallel. With the heels against the wall, feet together, force the shoulders against the wall; raise the toes twenty-five times.

Stand with the feet on a line, cross the legs so that your heels are on the same line, or nearly so. Raise the heels from the floor. Retain your balance!

Stand with the feet six inches apart and parallel, without bending either knee swing each foot in turn forward through an arc of ninety degrees. Shift the weight slowly to the other foot, make a full swing front and rear before assuming the starting position. Repeat this exercise with the heels raised and the weight on the balls of the feet.

Rubber web ankle reducers and ointments for helping to burn up adipose may aid with the exercise in helping to bring desired symmetry to the figure by bringing to beautiful proportions the nether extremities.

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