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Beauty - Arms

( Originally Published 1924 )

Adipose tissue is not shapely; it may "fill out and round off," but as any sculptor will tell you, it is the muscle which gives contour.

The woman who begins to grow stout finds that her upper arm is beginning to flop like a jelly-fish toward the back. She may resort to the braid-like rolling-pins for massaging, or she may exercise. An easy movement for reducing the back upper arm is this : Extend your arms upward in line with the sides of your body. Lightly close your hands, hold the upper arms stationary, bend the arms at the elbows, bringing the hands down to the back of the neck. Hold the upper arm still and vertical while you straighten up the forearm. Repeat rapidly until the arms tire.

For reducing the front upper arm: Hold your arms down, elbows against the front of the hip. Hold the upper arms still, and bring the hands up as near the shoulder as possible without moving the position of your elbows. Repeat rapidly—one, two ; one, two. One- or two-pound dumb-bells may be used. Gripping will reduce the forearms,


A lovely elbow has "a fascination that few can resist." Unfortunately, however, rough brown el-bows are more often seen than smooth ones. Of course, you know that leaning on the elbows will produce callouses as quickly as the pressure of a golf club on the palm. Go back to the Victorian Rule of Etiquette and let your hands lie idle in your lap. For a more direct method : Soak the elbows in warm suds for ten minutes, then brush them lightly with a soft brush, Be careful not to continue so long as to chafe. Rinse well in lukewarm water, then cup the half of a lemon over the elbow point and rub thoroughly with a rotary movement, as if you were trying to extract the juice with a glass squeezer. Wipe off the surplus lemon-juice and soak the elbows for ten minutes in melted cocoa-butter, then rub thoroughly with the cupped hands. Practise this treatment thoroughly, until the elbows are soft and round; then again remember that "an ounce of preventive is worth a pound of cure," and don't let them get calloused again.

Arms that are emaciated may be rounded by faithful massage with olive-oil. The movement should be a gentle downward one, beginning at the shoulder and extending to the tips of the fingers.

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