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Beauty - Hands

( Originally Published 1924 )

There is no part of the body, with the exception of the face, that is so expressive of a person's character as her hands. If women realized this, they would most certainly make more use of what might be a real beauty factor.

The hands must be kept clean. Wash them thoroughly with pure soap, scrub with a brush that is not too hard, use a pumice-stone to remove stains, rinse thoroughly with warm and cold water, wipe with care each finger and knuckle separately, and then rub on a good lotion.

Two ounces of glycerin, the same amount of rose-water, two ounces of alcohol, twelve to twenty drops of benzoin, and one-fourth ounce of gum tragacanth. Dissolve gum tragacanth in a pint of warm rain-water or distilled water and, when dissolved, run through a sieve, and add the other ingredients. This amount will last for months, even if you use it on your arms and shoulders. It will not leave the hands sticky.

Especial care will add to the whiteness of the hands. You must pick up the gloves which Beauty throws down to you—three pairs—one of rubber, if you engage in any work which keeps the hands in water. The right glove will probably begin to leak first. When you have two lefts, turn, one wrong side out, and you have another pair. Two pairs of white chamoisette gloves which, like the rubber ones, should be a size and a half larger than the gloves usually worn. These gloves should be thoroughly cleansed after every wearing. At night after the hands are cleansed and anointed, the gloves are put on and worn all night.

For a special bleaching session, which it is wise to attend occasionally, you may follow this order of business: Take the juice of one-half a lemon; into this drop enough tincture of benzoin to make the mixture white looking—it won't take much. Put one-fourth a cup of corn-meal in a bowl, one teaspoonful of shaved pure soap. To this add lemon-juice and benzoin mixture. Now wet these ingredients with sufficient hot water to make a mixture, and wash the hands in it. Next, the manicure to be described.

Now a few exercises. Hold the hands in front of the chest and wring them as if in distress. Relax at the wrist, shake the limbered fingers up and down, right and left; exercise each finger. Play the Kindergarden game of "Thumbkins Says I'll Dance." Then give your hands a cocoa-butter bath permitting them to remain in the warm oil for ten minutes.

Such hands may not be small but they'll be white and soft.

Camphor ice rubbed in the hands nightly will keep them smooth and soft. You may make your finger-ends finer by pinching them with the tips of the thumb and front finger.

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