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Wine Wise - In Praise of Wine

( Originally Published 1933 )


WINE opens the heart, It warms the shy poet hidden in the cage of the ribs. It melts the wax in the ears that music may be heard. It takes the terror from the tongue, that truth can be said, or what rhyme marvellously with truth. The soft warm sting on the cheekbones that a ripe Burgundy gives is only the thin, outward pervasion of a fine heat within, when the cruel secret smoulder of the wit leaps into clear flame; flame that consumes the sorry rubbish of precaution can cajolery. The mind is full of answers. And then, presestly, if you have dealt justly with the gods, not brutishly, he gives you the completest answer of all-sleep." CHRISTOPHER MORLEY.


"I am most happy to extol the virtues of wine. It has for thousands of years been the subject of praises by all the great poets and singers. I am sure that if in the past few years we as a nation had been drinking wines instead of bootleg hard liquors, we could be a much more healthy and sober society today. So here's to the growth and success of the glorious grape."



"It was not wine that brought about prohibition. If we had been a wine-drinking people, the nauseating and criminal folly never would have happened. No more important work can be done than the education of our people to the vast advantages of drinking good wine over any other beverage whatsoever. Good wine makes for health, for sobriety, and for sociability. It is heartening to know that the wines of California are coming back again, for no vintages excel them, and their widespread use will be the greatest factor in the promotion of true temperance."


"Wine ethers form in the process of the maturing of wines by the action of acids on the alcohol, diminishing the alcoholic strength. They form slowly and in small quantities, being present therefore to the greatest extent in old wines, and it is owing to their presence that old wines have the fruity aroma which makes them so highly prized." -C. W. BERRY.


"The wine drinker must have an eye appreciative of color, a nose sensitive to the delicacies of perfume, and a tongue and palate capable of distinguishing the most subtle flavors." LEO BURING.


"If you want to enjoy your food, to enjoy life, and to do the right thing by your friends, drink wine; wine that is honest and honorable as the vintner who will sell it to you; wine that is sound and wholesome, from the vineyards of all sunny lands, be they far or near; wine that is suitable to the occasion." ANDRE L. SIMON.


"I have visited the important countries on the map in which wine is used as a table beverage and as one of the refreshments at social gatherings and I know that in these countries there is practically no problem arising from intoxication either in public or private. Good wine of reasonable alcoholic percentage is not injurious to health or morals and it should be welcomed back in the United States. Good wine is an aid to digestion and a promoter of good cheer. I don't think anyone will find a sound argument against the moderate use of it." GEORGE ADE.


The famous scientist Liebig said: "As a means of restoring or stimulating the powers of life in the human frame, exhausted by disease, or weakened by a disturbed nutrition, the moderate use of genuine wines is unequalled in nature."


"A plain meal with a bottle of wine is worth more than the highest product of the culinary art taken with water as the sole beverage."

-PROF. ERNEST H. STARLING, Foulerton Professor of Physiology, University College, London.

Mealtime is undoubtedly the best time to drink wine. Edward Spencer emphasizes this in his "Cakes and Ales" when he says: "Better, far better, the three-bottle trick of our ancestors than the gin crawl of today."


"The experience of wine-drinking peoples, such as the French and Italians, shows little intoxication from wine. If we could lead our young men, and our young women particularly, to substitute wine for cocktails, the gain for temperance would be enormous."

-PROF. YANDELL HENDERSON of Yale University.


"I rejoice as a moralist at the prospect of a reduction of the duties on wine by our National Legislature. It is an error to view a tax on liquor as merely a tax on the rich. It is prohibition of its use among the middle classes of our citizens and a condemnation of them to the poison of whisky which is desolating their homes. No nation is drunken where wine is cheap; and none sober where the dearness of wine substitutes ardent whisky or spirits as the common beverage. It is in truth the only antidote to the bane of whisky." -THOMAS JEFFERSON, the father of the Democratic Party.


"Wine is the most noble and beneficial of alcoholic drinks. Wine is for the sedentary whose work is thinking. Natural wines have been used without drunkenness by millions of human beings for ages. They supply the body with iron, tannin, vitamins and the possibly best disinfectant for the intestinal tract." -ARTHUR BRISBANE.


The Parables of the Apostles constantly borrowed their symbols from the Vine and from Wine. Christ said, "I am the true Vine, those who believe in me are the branches, and my Father is the husbandman." He also said, on the holy day of Easter, that bread is his body and wine his blood.


"I heartily favor the use of wine and its sensible use as a beverage as a help in digestion of the evening meal. I have found the use of wine in my own life one of great benefit. I truly believe that if the American public was educated in the use of wine, both as a mild stimulant and tonic, and as an aid to digestion, the national concern about `hard liquors' would solve itself." -CHARLES WAKEFIELD CADMAN.

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