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Wine Wise - Wine-Wise Notes

( Originally Published 1933 )

Sherry is the only wine that can be used at practically any time, even when smoking.

The ideal temperature of a wine cellar is 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tennis enthusiasts find Riesling and Seltzer water an excellent long drink.

White wines have a greater attraction to most people as a summer drink.

It is a great mistake to mix malt and grape drinks.

A dry biscuit will help to clean the palate between tasting different wines and, of course, no smoking should be indulged in either before or during the tasting.

The ideal wine is one that is perfectly balanced.

There is nothing to prevent anyone adding a little water to his dry wines.

A glass of Sherry before dinner will revive a tired man and whet his appetite.

Socrates compares the effect of a small glass of wine on the weary man to the effect of a shower of rain on drooping flowers.

Drink wine wisely. Moderation in all things is the best practical philosophy of life. Drink the right wines at the right time in the right way. Choose and drink your wines with discretion. Never abuse a God-given gift. Choose your wine merchant as you choose your wife.

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