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Wine Wise - Decanting of Wine

( Originally Published 1933 )

Most red wines as they age throw a sediment in the bottom of the bottle. This sediment has a coarse taste and under no circumstances should it be allowed to go into the glass at the dinner table. A good practice is that of standing one or two bottles of aged wines up in the cellar so that the sediment is always at the bottom and the wine may be decanted before serving.

Another practice is that of removing the wine to a decanter, from which it is served at the table, even though this practice is not approved by some who have fine wines to serve. Decanting destroys the thrill of seeing fine wines poured from the original bottles.

If wine is decanted, pour the wine from the bottle into the decanter slowly and carefully without shaking the bottle. If the bottle has crusted, pour with the crusted or sediment side down. It is a good plan to have a light back of the bottle when you pour the wine so that you can see when the sediment begins to be disturbed. Stop pouring just before the sediment is reached, even if it means that some of the wine is left in the bottle.

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