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Artists Who Have Painted in Quebec

( Originally Published 1907 )

AMONG the earlier painters in Quebec of whom I have any knowledge through works of theirs which are extant or by tradition are:

Thelky—a portrait painter : His principal work was " The Making of a Huron Chief in which Robt. Symes is shown decked as a chief surrounded by a group of Indian Chiefs of the Lorette Indians. This picture was painted about 1848.

Fascio Morel—an Italian painter of miniatures, who came to Quebec about sixty years ago and painted miniature portraits of our "Belles" and "Beaux". He also gave lessons to the young ladies in Quebec in this art.

Palmer—about 1842 to 1844. He was an American and a portrait painter, and was quite the vogue in Quebec for a period. He painted the portraits of many of the distinguished (now extinguished) people in Quebec of that period. His patron was the father of Lt. Col. Turnbull. The Colonel has a portrait of himself as a boy painted by Palmer. Palmer was improvident, and it was difficult to keep him out of debt.

Taylor, Thos.—painted, also engraved.

Hamel Theophile—A prominent portrait painter in his day. He married the only daughter of G. B. Faribault Esq. For years he was the painter of portraits of everybody who was "it" in Quebec_ His work possesses considerable merit.

Mimee Fredk—also a painter of portraits ; he was a brother-in-law of Ed. Sanderson, Esq.

Wilkinson J. B.—was a water colorist who did a large number of landscapes in and about Quebec. He is still living in retirement near Philadelphia. For years he has not painted.

Way, J. W.—An Englishman who came to Quebec, painted here for a time and then went to Montreal where he established a school of art. Later went to Switzerland to live, but eventually returned to Canada. His water colors of Canadian scenery are held in good esteem.

Plomondon—Portrait and landscape painter.

Legare, Walter—Did some very clever pastel work and gave great promise when death claimed him at the age of twenty four years.

Grant, D. E.—A painter and sportsman, and many of his sporting scenes about Quebec are very interesting.

Among others who have painted in Quebec are :-

De Lobinniere, Sir L. R. O. Brien, President R.C. A., Thos. Cullen, Ed. Morris, Henry Sandham, Fredk. Remington, McNaughton, W. Brymner, S. S. Tully, Laura Muntz, Miss Dawson, E. Dyonett, W. E. Atkinson, Geo. H. Duquet, Miss D. Poulin, McCauley J. J. Enneking, Falardeau, Duncanson, Lockwood.

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