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Quebec - Charles Huot

( Originally Published 1907 )

IF Krieghoff has a successor in Quebec the mantel has fallen upon Charles Huot as the delineator of French-Canadian life, customs and Canadian landscape, not that there is the least similarity in their methods, for while Krieghoff possessed a keen sense of humor with a limited technique wherewith to express it, Huot on the other hand has little humor, but a large technique. He depicts the habitant not in his cups or at play, but in the soberness of his daily avocations. In this, Huot's work shows the influence of Millet. It is as a fresco painter of large religious subjects that Huot is strongest. His decoration of the ceiling of the St. Sauveur Church is a remarkably fine piece of work. Others of his paintings are to be found in the Roman Catholic Churches at Chicoutimi, St. Jerome and Fraserville. Huot first studied under Theophile Hamel, and later in several of the great schools of Paris.

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