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Quebec - Mr. Dawson-Watson

( Originally Published 1907 )

DAWSON-WATSON who is well-known in Quebec, where for several years he plied his art both in landscape and portraiture, has recently accepted an important appointment as one of the principal instructors in the great school of painting and handicrafts at St. Louis. Mr. Watson left Quebec with regret—and regretted. His more recent Canadian pictures have found permanent resting places here, as well as the many others previously disposed of. A short sketch of his career will be of interest to his many friends and admirers, as well as to the public at large.

Mr Dawson Watson is a Yorkshire man. His father, the late John Dawson-Watson, was one of the best known painters and illustrators in England. His son, who at an early age evinced a decided talent for drawing, was at the age of seventeen placed under the tuition of Mark Fisher, a distinguished painter and a warm personal friend of Dawson-Watson's father. A year or two later Mr. Boddington, the Secretary of the Manchester Canal, and a wealthy man, became interested in the promise given by the young artist, and sent him to Paris for a three years' course of study under the great French masters of that period. At the expiration of the three years Mr. Watson married an English lady, whom he met in Paris. They removed from that city to Giverny, Normandy, where Mr. Watson opened his studio, remaining there for five years. In 1893 he left France to accept a position as teacher in the Hartford Art Society School. He held this position for three years and gave to that school an enviable reputation throughout the United States. A year was then spent upon the Atlantic Coast painting marines that excited much favorable notice,when exhibited in Boston. Mr. Watson then returned to England for a time, but the life of the New World was strong upon him and he determined to seek in Canada inspiration for his brush. He came to Quebec in 1900, and has made his home here since then.

He is essentially of the modern school of painters where breadth of treatment and color quality subordinate the unessential small detail, but Mr. Watson is by no means an impressionist. He possesses imagination, a fine eye for composition, and a technical training that gives him a mastery in the several fields of art he works in.

He has exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, Paris Salon, Society of American Artists, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis Exposition, etc.

Instructor Saint Louis School of Fine Arts. Member Boston Arts and Crafts Society and Saint Louis Artists' Guild.

Few artists have the versatility in handling divers mediums to the degree possessed by Mr. Watson. He not only manipulates with equal ability oil, water color, pen and ink, distemper, eau forte, mezzotint and every other imaginable medium ; but his work covers almost the entire field of graphic and pictorial arts, including portraits, mural decorations, landscape illustration, china painting, wood-block painting, etc., etc.

In addition to all this, Mr. Watson designs, carves and gilds his own frames, by which the interest and value of his works are greatly enhanced, as they become a complete individual and intimate expression of the artist.

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