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( Originally Published 1936 )

The Cape Ant-eater, or Aardvark, is common in South Africa. It is about five feet in length, including the tail, and is almost devoid of hair, having only a few bristles here and there over the brown hide. The ears are enormously large and rabbit-like, set closely together at the top of the head, while the snout is long and narrow, much like that of the armadillos. The eyes are small and pig-like, the feet end in heavily made claws, and the tail is long, stout and tapering. Aardvarks feed chiefly on ants, breaking into the great hills with their strong claws, and securing the ants by means of their long tongues. The hind legs are long and the animal sits up on its haunches much in the manner of a rodent. See Plate 20, Fig. too.

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