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( Originally Published 1936 )

These animals somewhat resemble the preceding family in habits, and are armoured, but instead of being covered with plates, they are provided with large overlapping scales, between which grow scanty hairs. There are no teeth, and the tongue is long and capable of being projected in order to secure the ants and other insects on which the animal feeds. The tail is very long, but the legs are short, with five toes on each foot.

Long-Tailed Pangolin (Manist macrura)

A native of 'West Africa, this animal measures from five to six feet in length, including the tail. The body is covered with overlapping scales on the upper part, the lower part being bare. The head is small and insignificant, the eyes and ears almost wanting. There are no teeth, and the tongue is long and extensile. As in the armadillos, the claws are strong and well developed, and the animal has the habit of rolling itself into a ball, when it is protected by the sharp edges of the scales, completely covering the softer parts of the body and rendering attack difficult. See Plate 19, Fig. 96.

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