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Some Hepplewhite Examples

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

In the Victoria and Albert Museum at South Kensington there are comparatively few examples of furniture of the eighteenth century, and Hepplewhite is represented by but few. Some private collections are, however, rich in examples of this period, and several of the leading furniture dealers in London and elsewhere have some very interesting examples in their galleries. In the accompanying illustrations a few pieces are shown.

Fig. 58 represents two Hepplewhite chairs (one arm), part of a set of eight in the Hatfield Gallery of Antiques, a set in excellent condition. Mr Phillips, of Hitchin, has some excellent Hepplewhite chairs of similar design, his ladder-back suite, one of which is illustrated in Fig. 59, being especially handsome and typical of that particular type.

Quite another style is seen in the chairs shown in Figs. 60 and 61, in which French Empire influence is strong. Both these examples are parts of suites in the extensive galleries of Messrs Waring & Gillow, Ltd. ; they were made probably between 1780-1785.

The Hepplewhite mahogany settee shown in Fig. 62, circa 1790, is indicative of the Adam influence ; the workmanship of this piece is exceptionally good.

There is always something pleasing about a cabinet of old china, and the interest attached to the beautiful ceramics,' so fitly exhibited with genuine antiques, is vastly increased when the cabinet is a thing of beauty too. The example shown in Fig. 63 is such an one. It is of satin-wood, and is inlaid with various coloured woods, the urns or vases in the door panels being conspicuous objects ; the inlays of the break-front and cornice are also exceptionally effective.

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