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Chippendale - The Sideboard

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The sideboards, which served a useful purpose in the days of Chippendale, were not sideboards as they were understood in later years ; more correctly styled they were sideboard-tables, to which reference is made in the preceding paragraph. In the earlier examples they were without table drawers, but those useful accessories were subsequently added. The earlier varieties had legs cabriole in shape, and mostly with claw-and-ball feet. The form of the legs, however, changed in accord with Chippendale's later developments Ś the days when he introduced Chinese taste and Gothic style. The carver's side-table was an innovation, and many of these tables appear to have been made to fit recesses, some being of extraordinary length. Then, again, there are the scarcer types of the oblong side-tables, with ornaments all round, evidently intended to stand in an open space.

In connection with the sideboard tables the wine-cooler was an indispensable adjunct, and was frequently placed under the side-table. There are numerous varieties of form and ornament, the wine - cooler being generally in accord with the table with which it was used. Another important side - table accessory was the tea - chest or caddyŚmany of the old caddies being more massive than the choice inlaid examples of Sheraton and Hepplewhite designs. The true Chippendale caddies were somewhat massive looking, and a favourite style appears to have been a French design showing Louis XV. influence. Such caddies rested on ogee feet, or upon brass claw-and-ball or French cabriole supports.

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