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French Furniture

Gothic to Renaissance—Louis XIII. and Louis XIV.—Boulle's inlays—French - Chinese lacquer—Furniture of the Regency—Louis XV. period—Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.—Vernis Martin lacquers —The directoire—The first empire—Napoleonic furniture.

THE furniture of the people who lived in France in early mediaeval days was simple in the extreme. It was even meagre in the fourteenth century, and there was little that could be called furniture excepting in the castles of the nobility wherein the great hall trestle tables and rough benches sufficed, contrasting, however, with the seigneurial chair, which in some instances was over - topped with a gilded canopy.

The coffers or hutches as in England were store chests, and made for removal from place to place. In the small rooms at the tops of the castle towers might have been found a bed, a faldstool, and a clothes' chest, not much else.

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

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