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Furniture Of Ancient Greece

The knowledge of Greek furniture comes from sculptures, paintings, and from the somewhat scrappy information of the furnishings of Greek houses, obtained from Grecian writings. Some of the most interesting bronze or wooden chairs from ancient Greece are depicted on the Parthenon frieze which may be examined in the British Museum. There are statues there, too, some of which are seated in chairs framed in square bars, the horizontal pieces being morticed into the upright stays. The bars and frames of chairs and the footstools and pedestals used in Greece were often of cedar wood, inlaid with carved ivories. Representations of Greek furniture may sometimes be noticed on old coins and medals. The paintings on the vases in which the British Museum is so rich are, however, the most reliable. The vases were interred with the dead because of their belief in another world where life was to be lived on a higher plane. Scenes in domestic life were frequently pictured, and although the actual objects have perished there are indications of comfort and refinement in Greek homes. Upon one of the Hamilton vases there is a representation of a bed or couch on which were evidently cushions well stuffed and ornamental in texture. Carving, painting, turning, and inlaying were all used by Greek artists.

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

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