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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

"Intellect annuls Fate; so far as man thinks he is free."


By Intellect we mean the intellectual qualities, the well-trained, well-stored mind. Memory, reason, and imagination constitute the elements which go to make up personality which commands success ; and these elements are those which have made the leaders of the world.

It is the details which reveal the powerful intellect. Method is essential, and enables a larger amount of work to be got through with satisfaction. Accuracy is also of much importance, and an invariable mark of good training in a man. Too little attention is paid to this highly important quality. As a man eminent in practical science lately observed, "It is astonishing how few people I have met with in the course of my experience who can define a fact accurately." Yet, in all affairs, it is the manner in which even small matters are transacted, that often decides men for or against you. With virtue, capacity, and good conduct in other respects, the person who is habitually inaccurate cannot be trusted ; his work has to be gone over again, and he thus causes an infinity of annoyance, vexation, and trouble.

The man of the highest class requires sound discretion, quick perception, and firmness in the execution of his plans. He must be quick to see the right mode of action, and if he has decision of purpose, he will be prompt to carry out his undertakings to a successful issue.

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