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Health Of Your Personality

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

"Our body is a well-set clock which keeps good time; but if it be too much, or indiscreetly, tampered with, the alarum runs down before the hour."óBishop Hall.

One of the potent elements in personality is physical health. Not alone is it requisite for the power to perform the work that comes to our hands, but the man who radiates health creates an atmosphere which impresses his fellowmen favorably, and conduces to success in business. The strong, healthy-looking boy has a better chance of getting a job over the unhealthy-looking, unclean, cigarette fiend. The vigorous young woman has always first chance over the pallid, gum-chewing girl. The health habit is a habit to be cultivated. That eminent physiologist, Dr. James Royce, tells us that "Any function of the brain tends, within limits, to be performed with the more facility the more frequently it has been performed before. This is the law of habit. Its interpretation in terms of consciousness is, that any conscious process, which is of a type that has occurred before, tends to recur more readily, up to the point where the limit of training has been reached, and to displace rival conscious processes, according as. its type has frequently occurred. We speak a foreign language the more readily the oftener we have already spoken it.. We repeat a poem more easily the oftener we have already repeated it. A frequently recurring emotion is of a type such that we readily fall into that emotional condition."

And since all bodily habits have their origin in the brain, exactly the same reasoning applies to them. The first health habit to cultivate is cleanliness of the person in every detail. Keep the body clean, and it will be healthy. Learn to eat and drink aright ; practice what you learn, and you will be healthy. Study personal hygiene and you will be healthy. Practice physical culture and you will be healthy. Keep your body and its passions and desires under control, and you will be healthy. Lead regular lives and you will be healthy.

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