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The Infant Mind

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

In the very earliest dawn of life the formation of character begins. Indeed, it has already begun long before, but we can now begin our task of guiding and shaping it aright. The muscle development of the child begins as soon as the muscles come into use, receiving its main impulse through the exercise of the play instinct—and the task of mind forming is very early in full swing.

Now may begin the cultivation of the power of observation already manifested.. Now the cultivation of the arts and graces of the mind may have its origin.. Soon the ear becomes sensitive to rhyme and rhythm, and the influence of music on the mind may begin to exercise its sway. Curiosity and wonder are among the first mental attitudes to manifest themselves, and they should at once receive our care. The sense of right and wrong, whether implanted or self-existent, cannot be directed too soon. The affections early come into play, and they too need guidance.

The mental influence and value of kindergarten methods in the home and of the kindergarten itself, valuable as this is in physical development—very properly falls in with these and other kindred matters, which are more or less fully discussed in various sections of this work.

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