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Yosemite Valley

( Originally Published Early 1900's )[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Yosemite Valley, or, as it is also called, Yohamite, is situated in the eastern portion of California, and is from 8 to 10 miles long, and a little more than a mile wide. In some places the valley is filled with noble oaks ; in others it opens out into broad, grassy fields. The natural beauties of this region are of world-wide report. It has pine-covered mountains, towering, with very steep slopes, to the height of 3,500 feet, a precipice, or bluff, in one place rising perpendicularly 3,089 feet above the valley ; in another, a rock, almost perpendicular, 3,270 feet high; waterfalls pouring over its sides from heights of 700 to almost 1,000 feet ; and one great waterfall broken into three laps, but of which the whole height is 2,550 feet. Of the other waterfalls on the sides of the valley, the Pohono, or Bridal Veil Water-fall, is particularly to be remarked for its beauty, as well as for its height, which is 940 feet, and almost unbroken. The Yosemite Valley was first entered by white men in 1855, but now, like the valleys of Switzerland, has its hotels and guides, and is yearly visited by American and foreign tourists.

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