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Wire - Discovery

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The invention of drawing wire is ascribed to Rodolph of Nuremberg, about 1410. Mills for this purpose were set up at Nuremberg in 1563. The first wire mill in England was erected at Mortlake in 1663. The astonishing ductility, which is one of the distinguishing qualities of gold, is no way more conspicuous than in gilt wire. A cylinder of forty-eight ounces of silver, covered with a coat of gold weighing only one ounce, is usually drawn into a wire, two yards of which weigh only one grain; so that ninety-eight yards of the wire weigh no more than forty-nine grains, and one single grain of gold covers the whole ninety-eight yards. Eight grains of gold, covering a cylinder of silver are commonly drawn into a wire 13,000 feet long; yet so perfectly does it cover the silver that even a microscope does not discover any appearance of the silver underneath.

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