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Trajan's Column - Rome

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Trajan's Column, a celebrated column at Rome, which was reared A.D. 114, by the Roman Senate and people, in honor of the Emperor Trajan. It is considered not only the greatest work of its architect, Apollodorus, but one of the noblest structures of its kind ever erected. The pedestal is covered with base reliefs of warlike instruments, shields, and helmets; and a very remarkable series of bas-reliefs, forming a spiral around the shaft, exhibits a continuous history of the military achievements of Trajan. These are in excellent preservation, and, independently of their beauty as works of art, they are invaluable as records of ancient costumes. A spiral staircase in the interior of the column leads to its summit. The height of the entire column is 132 feet. It stands erect in all its ancient beauty amid the ruins of Trajan's Forum. The summit was originally crowned by a colossal statue of the emperor, which has been incongruously replaced by one of St. Peter.

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