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Tea And Coffee Production And Consumption

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Tea. The production of tea in 1888, by countries, according to Mulhall, was, in pounds: China, 200,000,000; India, 90,000,000; Japan, 40,000,000; Ceylon, 19,000,000; Paraguay, 10,000,000; Java, 7,000,000.

The consumption of tea is estimated by the same authority as follows, in pounds: Great Britain and Ireland, 184,500,000; United States, 80,000,000; Russia, 37,000,000; Canada, 22,000,000; Australia, 20,000,000; various other countries, 106,500,000.

The importation of tea into the United States in the fiscal year of 1896 was 93,998,372 pounds, valued at $12,704,440.

Coffee.- The total production of coffee in the world in 1889 was 1,249,000,000 pounds, of which Brazil produced 812,000,000, other parts of America, 253,000,000, East Indies and Africa, 184,000,000.

The consumption by countries, according to Mulhall, is in tons : United States, 215,000; Germany, 105,000; Brazil, etc., 78,000; France, 65,000; Netherlands, 40,000; Austria, 36,000; Belgium, 25,000; Scandinavia, 25,000; Italy, 14,000; Great Britain, 15,000; Russia, 8,000; Spain and Portugal, 5,000. The importation of coffee into the United States in 1896 was 580,597,915 pounds, valued at $84,793,124.

In 1897 the consumption of coffee in the United States was 636,340,000 pounds, or 9.95 pounds to each individual. In all Europe it was 610,300,000 pounds.

The English are the greatest tea drinkers among western nations, the Americans the greatest coffee drinkers.

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