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Leaning Tower Of Pisa

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

This celebrated and beautiful bell-tower is situated in the city of Pisa, Italy, and was built during the twelfth century by the German architect William of Innspruck. It is cylindrical in shape, 50 feet in diameter, 180 feet high, and leans about 11 feet out of the perpendicular. It is entirely of white marble, and consists of seven stories, divided by rows of columns. The top, which is surmounted by a flat roof and an open gallery, commanding a splendid view of the surrounding country, is reached by 300 steps. The tower was not originally intended to lean, but the foundation settled more on one side than on the other until it reached the present inclination, which it has maintained with scarcely any perceptible in-crease for hundreds of years. The upper part of the structure was built in a manner to counteract in part the inclination ; and the grand chime of bells, seven in number, of which the largest alone weighs 12,000 pounds, is mounted with reference to counteract this fault still further.

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