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Mammoth Cave - Kentucky

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Mammoth Cave, The, is situated in Edmondson County, near Green River. Kentucky, and extends some nine miles. It contains a succession of wonderful avenues, chambers, domes, abysses, grottoes, lakes, rivers, and cataracts. One chamber, the Star, is about 500 feet long, 70 feet wide, and 70 feet high ; the ceiling is composed of black gypsum, and is studded with innumerable white points, that by a dim light resemble stars ; hence the name. There are avenues one and a half and even two miles in length, some of which are incrusted with beautiful formations, and present a most dazzling appearance. There is a natural tunnel about three quarters of a mile long, 100 feet wide, covered with a ceiling of smooth rock, 45 feet high. Echo River is some three fourths of a mile in length, 200 feet in width at some points, and from 10 to 30 feet in depth, and runs beneath an arched ceiling of smooth rock about 15 feet high ; while the Styx, another river, is 450 feet long, from 15 to 40 feet wide, and from 30 to 40 feet deep, and is spanned by a natural bridge. Lake Lethe has about the same length and width as the river Styx, varies in depth from 3 to 40 feet, lies beneath a ceiling some 90 feet above its surface, and sometimes rises to a height of 60 feet. There is also a Dead Sea. The entrance to the cave is reached by passing down a wild, rocky ravine through a dense forest. To visit the portions of this wonderful cave already traversed requires, it is said, 150 to 200 miles of travel.

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