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Origin Of Vegetables

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The cucumber was originally a tropical vegetable.

The walnut is a native of Persia, the Caucasus, and China.

Capers originally grew wild in Greece and northern Africa.

Pears were originally brought from the East by the Romans.

The clove is a native of the Malacca Islands, as is also the nutmeg.

Cherries were known in Asia as far back as the seventeenth century.

Garlic came to us first from Sicily and the shores of the Mediterranean.

Asparagus was originally a wild seacoast plant, and is a native of Great Britain.

The tomato is a native of South America, and it takes its name from a Portuguese word.

Parsley is said to have come from Egypt, and mythology tells us it was used to adorn the head of Hercules.

Apples were originally brought from the East by the Romans. The crab apple is indigenous to Great Britain.

The onion was almost an object of worship with the Egyptians 2,000 years before the Christian era. It first came front India.

Cloves came to its from the Indies, and take their name from the Latin clauvis, meaning a nail, to which they have a resemblance.

The cantaloupe is a native of America, and so called from the name of a place near Rome, where it was first cultivated in Europe.

Lemons were used by the Romans to keep moths from their garments, and in the time of Pliny they were considered an excellent poison.

Vegetable Origins.

Spinach is a Persian plant.

Horse-radish is a native of England.

Melons were found originally in Asia.

Filberts originally came from Greece.

Quinces originally came from Corinth.

The turnip originally came from Rome.

The peach originally came from Persia.

Sage is a native of the south of Europe.

Sweet marjoram is a native of Portugal.

The bean is said to be a native of Egypt.

Damsons originally came from Damascus.

The nasturtium came originally from Peru.

The pea is a native of the south of Europe.

Ginger is a native of the East and West Indies.

The gooseberry is indigenous to Great Britain.

Coriander seed came originally from the East.

Apricots are indigenous to the plains of America.

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