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Olive Oil

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

This oil, sometimes called salad oil, is ex-pressed from ripe olives. It is largely used in the more delicate kinds of cookery, instead of butter, and is a useful addition to salads, pre-venting them from fermenting and from causing flatulency. When it is fresh and pure it has only a very slight yellowish-green color and but little smell or flavor, so that it may even be drunk by those who like oil ; and it cannot be doubted that it is one of the most easily digested fats in food. Its use in cookery might properly be extended in this country, notwithstanding our excellent animal fats.

The best quality of oil is that produced by the first gentle pressure of the olives, and this is at once bottled in the flasks peculiar to the article. Stronger pressure on the fruit breaks the kernels and produces an inferior grade of oil, which is exported in jars and barrels. Italian oil is superior to either French or Spanish, and is distinguished as Florence, Lucca, and Gallipoli oil. The first is most desirable.

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