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Invention Of Music

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Lucretius ascribes its invention to the whistling of the winds in hollow reeds. Franckinus, to the various sounds produced by the hammers of Tubal-Cain; Boutique and others to the singing of birds; and Zarlino to the sound of water. It is however agreed that music was first reduced to rules by Jubal, 1800 B. C. The flute and harmony or concord in music was invented by Hyagnis, 1506. Vocal choruses of men are first mentioned 56 B. C. The first six musical notes are said to have been invented by Guy Aretino, a Benedictine monk of Arezzo, about 1025. The notes of present use were perfected in 1338. Musical pitch was settled in France in 1859. Pythagoras maintained that the motion of the twelve spheres must produce delightful sounds inaudible to mortal ears, which he called the music of the spheres. Saint Cecilia, a Roman lady, is said to have excelled so eminently in music, that an angel was enticed from the celestial regions by the fascinating charms of her melody; this hyperbolical tradition has been deemed sufficient authority to make her the patroness of music. She died in the third century.

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