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Measures And Weights In Ordinary Use Among Housekeepers

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

4 Teaspoonfuls equal 1 tablespoonful liquid.

4 Tablespoonfuls equal 1 wine-glass, or half a gill.

2 Wine-glasses equal one gill, or half a cup.

2 Gills equal 1 coffeecupful, or 16 table-spoonfuls.

2 Coffeecupfuls equal 1 pint.

2 Pints equal 1 quart.

4 Quarts equal 1 gallon.

2 Tablespoonfuls equal 1 ounce, liquid.

1 Tablespoonful of salt equals 1 ounce.

16 Ounces equal 1 pound, or a pint of liquid.

4 Coffeecupfuls of sifted flour equal 1 pound.

1 Quart of unsifted flour equals 1 pound.

8 or 10 ordinary sized eggs equal 1 pound.

1 Pint of sugar equals 1 pound. (White granulated.)

2 Coffeecupfuls of powdered sugar equal 1 pound.

1 Coffeecupful of cold butter, pressed down, is one half pound.

1 Tablespoonful of soft butter, well rounded, equals 1 ounce.

An ordinary tumblerful equals one coffeecupful, or half a pint.

About twenty-five drops of ally thin liquid will fill a common sized teaspoon.

One pint of finely-chopped meat, packed solidly, equals one pound.

A set of tin measures (with small spouts or lips), from a gallon down to half a gill, will he found very convenient in every kitchen, though common pitchers, bowls, glasses, etc., may be substituted.

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