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Lamp History

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Lamps are mentioned in all the early ages ; they were in use in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The earthen lamp which Epictetus, the philosopher, had in his study, sold, after his death, for 3,000 drachmas. Lamps with horn sides are said to be the invention of Alfred. Lon-don streets were first lighted with oil lamps in 1681, and with gas lamps in 1814. A lamp constructed to produce neither smoke nor smell was patented, in 1784, by a Frenchman, and was brought into general use in England early in the present century. On the principle of Argand are founded the lamps invented by Carcel, about 1803, and since 1825 the moderator lamps of Levavasseur, Hadrot, and Neuburger. The domestic lamp is now of elegant manufacture and many artistic designs.

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