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Effects Of Excessive Eating

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The consequences of uncontrolled indulgence of the appetite manifest themselves variously. The immediate result of over-eating is lethargy, heaviness, and tendency to sleep. The effect of persisting in the habit will depend upon numerous circumstances. In a healthy system, with good digestion and much active out-of-door exercise, bad results may not follow from the freest use of plain food. In other conditions the burden may fall upon the over-worked digestive organs, which are irritated by the presence of the excess of food which they cannot appropriate. If digestion be strong, an excess of nutriment may be projected into the blood, overloading the circulation. If food is not expended in force, the natural alternative is its accumulation in the system, increasing the volume of muscle and tissue, and swelling the deposit of fat. Degeneracy of the structures, mal-assimilation of nutritive material, increased proneness to derangement and diseased action, and various unhealthy conditions may be induced by the habitual employment of too much food. It is either transmuted into fat and flesh, or into pain and disease. Yet it is very common to charge upon quantity the evils that flow from quality in diet. Injury may spring from hearty indulgence in a rich, concentrated, and various diet, which would not flow from the most liberal use of plain and simple food. "Dine upon one dish, and in that consult your taste," is an excellent motto.

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