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Discovery Of Iron

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The actual discovery of iron was probably made so early in the history of the human race that it cannot now be accurately placed. The Bible ascribes the discovery of working iron to Tubal-Cain. The Egyptians ascribe it to one of their early mythological kings, Hephaestus, who has been identified by students with the Hephaestus of Greek and the Vulcan of Roman mythology. The Egyptians and the Assyrians made iron at a very early period of their history. In ancient tombs and ruins but recently unearthed, many implements of iron are found, cooking utensils, and weapons of various kinds. The Chalybes, a Scythian tribe living south and east of the Black Sea, who attained great skill in iron working, are accredited by ancient writers with being the first to use coal in their furnaces, the inventors of steel or hardened iron, and the discoverers of magnetic iron. The books of Moses mention the use of iron some eleven centuries before the Christian 'era, and the Arundelian marbles fix a date for it before 1370 B. C.

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