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Old Time Remedy - Cancer

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

(1) The following is said to be a sure cure for cancer : A piece of sticking plaster is put over the cancer, with a circular piece cut out of the center, a little larger than the cancer, so that the cancer and a small circular rim of healthy skin next to it is exposed. Then a plaster, made of chloride of zinc, bloodroot, and wheat flour, is spread on a piece of muslin, the size of this circular opening, and applied to the cancer for twenty-four hours. On re-moving it, the cancer will be found burned into, and appear of the color and hardness of an old shoe sole, and the circular rim outside of it will appear white and parboiled, as if scalded by hot steam. The wound is now dressed, and the outside rim soon separates, and the cancer comes out in a hard lump, and the place heals up. The plaster kills the cancer, so that it sloughs like dead flesh, and never grows again. The remedy was discovered by Dr. King, of London, and has been used by him for several years with unfailing success, and not a case has been known of the reappearance of the cancer when this remedy has been applied.

(2) An old Indian cancer doctor in Oregon pronounces this a sure cure : Take common wood sorrel, bruise it on brass, spread it in the form of a poultice, and apply as long as the patient can bear ; then apply bread and milk poultice until the patient can bear the wood sorrel again. Continue this until the cancer is drawn out by the roots.

(3) Take the blossoms of red clover and make tea of them, and drink freely. It will cure cancer in the stomach as well as on the surface.

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