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Temperature In Which Wine Should Be Served

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Sherry should be served thoroughly chilled.

Madeira should be neither warm nor cold, but of about the same temperature as the room.

Claret should be served at the same temperature as madeira, never with ice ; it should remain about forty-eight hours standing, then decanted, care being observed that no sediment enter the decanter.

Champagne should either be kept on ice for several hours previous to serving, or it should be half frozen ; it is then called champagne frappe. It is frozen with some difficulty. The ice should be pounded quite fine, then an equal amount of salt mixed with it. A quart bottle of champagne well surrounded by this mixture should be frozen in two hours, or, rather, frozen to the degree when it may be poured from the bottle.

Treatment of Wines. —Connoisseurs on the subject of wine say much depends upon its treatment before it is served ; that it is in-variably much impaired in flavor through ignorance of proper treatment in the cellar, and that a wine of ordinary grade will be more ' palatable than one of better quality less care-fully managed. They say wine should never be allowed to remain in case, but be unpacked and laid on its side. Above all, wine should be stored where it is least exposed to the changes of temperature.

All red wines should be kept dry and warm, especially clarets, which are more easily injured by cold than by heat. Consequently, on account of the rigor of our winters, clarets are better stored in a closet on the second floor (not too near a register) than in a cellar, Champagne and Rhine wines stand cold bet-ter than heat, which frequently causes fermentation. The warmer sherry, madeira, and all spirits are kept, the better.

Choice of Brands. —Champagne. Perhaps the choicest brands of champagne are Pommery (dry, supposed to mean less sweet), Geisler (sweet), Veuve Clicquot (sweet), and Roederer (sweet). The best of the cheaper champagnes are Charles Roederer, Heidsick, Montebello, and King.

Claret. Choicest brands: Chateau La Rose, Chateau La Tour, Chateau Lafitte, or Chateau Margaux. Best cheaper brand, St. Julien.

Sauterne. Best: Chateau Yquem. La Tour Blanche. Best cheaper, Haut-Sauterne.

Burgundy. Best brands: Clos Vougeot, Chambertin, Chablis, and Red Hermitage.

Sherry. Best brand, Amontillado.

Hock. Best brands : Steinberg Cabinet and Marcobrunner. Best sparkling wine, Hochheimer.

The American dry wines are most excellent, and might be more patronized by those who know no other wine than that of foreign manufacture. The Missouri Catawba and Concord wines are especially good ; so are some of the California wines. The Ohio Catawba is quite noted.

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